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Drop Function if exist – SQL Server

A lot of beginner developer are facing this issue in IT industry, that how to Drop the user define function from database if it exists. It is always good practice to write the drop statement before creating any stored procedure or the database function.You should always preferred the Object_id method, it seems simpler to read in the code. Always curious why the Microsoft generated sample code uses the sys.objects lookup instead.

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Differences between Functions and Stored Procedures SQL Server

A lot of beginners have confusion about stored procedure and functions in SQL Server. Here, I am explaining the definition and the differences between stored procedure and functions.

What is Stored Procedure ?

We can define "Stored Procedure" is a group of sql statements that has been created once and stored in server database. In another way stored procedure is a pre-compile objects which are compiled for first time and its compiled format is saved and there are executes whenever stored procedure is called.Continue Reading>>