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What is .NET Core?

.NET Core has two major components. It includes a small runtime that is built from the same codebase as the .NET Framework CLR. The .NET Core runtime includes the same GC and JIT (RyuJIT), but doesn’t include features like Application Domains or Code Access Security. The runtime is delivered via NuGet, as part of the [ASP.NET Core] package.

.NET Core also includes the base class libraries. These libraries are largely the same code as the .NET Framework class libraries, but have been factored (removal of dependencies) to enable us to ship a smaller set of libraries. These libraries are shipped as System.* NuGet packages on

The following characteristics best define .NET Core

  • A cross-platform version of .NET, that supports almost all things that .NET supported (except things like WPF, Windows Forms, Web Forms and Active Directory)
  • It is leaner, faster and improved version of .NET
  • .NET Core and ASP.NET Core are FREE and Open Source but also they are supported by Microsoft.
  • It is kinda the new .NET framework
  • Main framework that Microsoft has been focusing on is .NET Core
  • The .NET Core Runtime installation file is only about 20 MBs
  • .NET Core provides dotnet CLI – command line interface

Summary: I this article we have learned about Dot Net Core and it's characteristics to define .NET Core. This question is very common in ASP NET CORE Interview. Read more interview questions of aspnetcore here.

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