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How to remove query string from URL using JQuery

A query string is the part of a URL that includes field-value pairs. Here we are going to remove query string from URL using JavaScript. There are number of benefits of clean URL. Clean URL always looks better and prevent user to see if you are tracking where they came from. It is helpful for security reasons.

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AJAX Helpers in ASP.NET MVC Tutorials

Ajax helper of ASP.NET MVC essentially provides Ajax functionality to your web applications. AJAX Helpers are used to create AJAX enabled elements like as Ajax enabled forms and links which performs request asynchronously. Using Ajax helper you can submit your HTML form using Ajax so that instead of refreshing the entire web page only a part of it can be refreshed. Additionally, you can also render action links that allow you to invoke action methods using Ajax. AJAX Helpers are extension methods of AJAXHelper class which exist in System.Web.Mvc.Ajax namespace.

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