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CRUD Operations using ADO.Net and C# in ASP.Net

For ASP.Net beginner, it will slightly difficult to understanding of basic insert, update, delete & get operation. You can find several tutorials over internet, but they many of them have used entity framework’s code first or database first approach. But this article will follow a simple step that will allow us to understand & perform CRUD operations in ASP.Net using ADO.Net and C#. We will use normal ADO.Net syntax to perform all basic insert, update, delete & get operation in ASP.Net. We will not use any stored procedure for now as it will become more easy for beginners. Once you will able to understand these basic concepts, you can use stored procedure too.

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Visual Studio 2015 Preview Comes with Emulator for Android, MVC6 and Entity Framework 7

Microsoft had launched Visual Studio 2015 Preview. Let try to know what's new in this release and point you more details. One of the other large announcements today is that we will open source the full server-side .NET core stack from ASP.NET 5 to the CLR and BCL and this version will run on Linux and MacOS X as well as Windows.

Since the majority of initial comments tend to be questions about supported configurations, I’ll put this up front: before you try to upgrade from Visual Studio "14" CTPs to Visual Studio 2015 Ultimate Preview, first uninstall Visual Studio "14" CTP – if you don’t, your system can wind up in an unstable state.

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